New Website Status

Phase 2 is commencing - A major re-organization of the data Sections and Categories followed by uploading new articles from the current kvmr.org. Onward thru the Fog - (::) 12 Aug 2007

This is not the main KVMR website- Yet.
It's Just a Test at KVMR.NET. The Main Site is at http://www.kvmr.org

Information here IS NOT current or correct and will be full of TyPoS and The Like. We KnOw ThIs!
Also, it looks like hell in Internet Explorer due to the delicious way that particular travesty mangles so called Style sheet Logic.
Actually it still looks like Hell even in proper browsers like FireFox,
but that's an artistic issue after all : )


The menus will are changing;

Top Site Links

Added direct Listen hi & lo speed links to the Home, Schedule & Join links which are the primary points of contact to KVMR's web site and online presence 

 Department Menu

Replacing what was named the Main Site Navigation Menu will be the Department Menu which will provide links to the main Business department pages.  

Site Portals

Will remain as the main set of links to pages of main Listener/Audience  interest

 Site Help

Will remain as a set of links to help pages about web site use 


Last Updated ( Sunday, 12 August 2007 )
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